Iowa Democratic Party chairman Troy Price speaks about the delay...

Iowa Democratic Party chairman Troy Price speaks about the delay in Iowa caucus results on Tuesday in Des Moines, Iowa. Credit: AP/Charlie Neibergall

Since election night of 2016, Democrats have spent more than three years preparing and touting the importance of the Iowa caucuses, and what happens? The results are delayed for “quality control” issues [“Iowa results delayed: new app called ‘mess’,” News, Feb. 4]. It appears that Democrats can’t organize a two-person parade.

As Will Rogers said, “I don’t belong to any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”

Chuck Darling,

South Setauket 

Buy your ice cream someplace else

It is time to bring our business elsewhere [“Pro-Trump sign back up at shop,” News, Feb. 4]. Owner George Wallis is defying village code with his 3-by-20-foot political sign over his Roger’s Frigate ice cream shop in Port Jefferson.

He risks a $2,000-per-day fine and will lose much more in profits. Now and in the future, people can voice their own protest.

Irma Gurman,


Grateful for new NY limousine law

The families of the Oct. 6, 2018 Schoharie limousine tragedy are very grateful that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has signed into law all of the legislation proposed and passed by the State Legislature [“Cuomo signs new laws to improve limo safety,” News, Feb.4]. These laws were a necessary first step to address significant safety deficiencies within this industry here in New York State.

Behind this effort were moms and dads, sisters and brothers, grand moms and grand dads, wives and grandchildren. Also, thanks go to our communities that literally held us in their arms, and in their thoughts and prayers over these past 16 months. This safety legislation is a fitting legacy to all those who perished that day as well as to the first responders.

Lastly, we stand committed to work with our local and federal legislators to pass federal legislation that will help ensure limousine safety becomes the national norm.

Kevin Cushing,

Saratoga Springs


Editor’s note: The writer is the father of Patrick Kevin Cushing, who died in the 2018 crash.

Trial hurts Sanders but helps Biden

As a supporter of Democrats for many of my 87 years of life, I am disgusted with how the Democratic Party has wasted time trying to impeach President Donald Trump when no crime was involved. A retired NYPD detective from Freeport, I supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016, and the Democratic National Committee conspired with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to push him aside. Look what happened.

Now, to help former Vice President Joe Biden, I believe the DNC has dragged out the impeachment to keep Sanders off the campaign trail while Biden is on a blitz campaign. The Democrats have lost my help. Just for spite, I will register as a Republican and vote its line 100%.

Richard J. Moran,

Barefoot Bay, Florida 

Another fine mess I’m getting myself into

“‘Death cleaning’ will surely kill me” [Act 2, Feb. 2] made me laugh. At 62, these ideas have come into my head. I don’t want to leave a mess for my wife and child. Still, do I really have to throw out my Strat-O-Matic baseball games? How about all my Long Island Ducks hockey memorabilia? Or all the junk that I’m sure is worth something to someone?

I’ve always been a health nut, but age is age. Next week, I’m due for a knee replacement, and later this year, I’ll need two dental implants.

When my parents died, they sure left me a mess. I moved my family into the old house. I retired in June so there’s time to clean up the cubbies and the garage and the junk they left me. Hey, maybe that’s the way it works . . . My daughter will be here to clean out my mess.

Joe Rossi,

West Babylon

No humor found in this cartoon

I am in shock Newsday would print a cartoon [Cartoon Roundup, Feb. 1] depicting former Vice President Joe Biden and his son with the caption “Hunter is my surviving baby boy, don’t you dare question him!” Insensitive and stupid, and not funny.

Jim Welsh,


Bill Clinton should thank Dershowitz

Former President Bill Clinton should thank former Havard University professor Alan Dershowitz for his defense of President Donald Trump. By explaining to us that Trump had only the good of the citizenry in mind, Dershowitz retroactively validates the “behaviors” of our previously impeached president.

We can all now realize that having a well-satisfied, not frustrated, leader who is ready to take on all comers in the political arena was good for the country. We can also learn that momentary lapses of moral rectitude are fine, any time, any place, as long as one can pull off the “art of the deal.” And if one is caught red-handed, the good professor will be there to justify the deed to all concerned.

Bill Stellwagen,



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