NYPD officers and others line Fifth Avenue as the hearse...

NYPD officers and others line Fifth Avenue as the hearse carrying slain fellow officer Jason Rivera passes after his funeral Friday. Credit: Craig Ruttle

Gun control laws harm lawful owners

While some readers’ letters on guns have credence, a key point is missed ["Gun control laws have little meaning," Letters, Jan. 26].

By adding laws, you hurt the law-abiding gun owner. The criminal element couldn’t care less about gun laws. They steal guns and use them without regard. Yes, some state laws are relaxed. That is one reason why federal firearms laws were enacted. But they need to be enforced at all levels with state laws guided by these federal laws. Stop the revolving door for criminals.

If you get caught doing a crime with a gun, add 10 years of non-negotiable prison time. A stiff penalty for carrying an unlicensed gun may also be an answer.

Also, we need to reopen mental health hospitals. People are asking for help, but no one seems to listen.

— Charles F. Gyss, Dix Hills

Helmets could save police officers’ lives

It’s terrible what happened with the recent deaths of two NYPD officers ["Mourners crowd cathedral for Rivera," News, Jan. 28]. Both received fatal head wounds. They might have been saved if they were wearing a Kevlar helmet.

This item should be required for police called to a family dispute and other potentially dangerous assignments. A bulletproof vest can protect your torso, but your head needs protection.

— Stuart H. Cooper, Kew Gardens

The writer retired from a 53-year career in law enforcement that included the NYPD, FBI and state division of parole.

No kids in school? Adjust the tax bite

Once again, it’s time in Nassau and Suffolk counties for residents to pay taxes ["Assessments frozen again," News, Jan. 24].

I am a retired senior citizen on a fixed income living in the city of Long Beach. We have city, county and school taxes to pay. The largest sum is school taxes.

Why hasn’t a government official come up with a formula to make the school tax fairly apportioned for families that have no children in the school system, such as myself, and those families that have at least two children in school?

Especially with our current inflation, I feel it’s time school taxes were adjusted accordingly.

— Michael Sarracco, Long Beach

Just because the value of my house increased, why should my taxes increase? My taxes pay for services that I receive as a resident of Nassau County.

If my taxes go up 25%, will my garbage get picked up 25% more often? Will the police or fire departments respond 25% more quickly?

It is bad enough that we get charged higher taxes if we improve our house while neighbors do nothing to their homes and pay lower taxes while receiving the exact same services we do. Grievance companies, meanwhile, are making big money by fighting to reduce our taxes every year.

— Rick Jordan, Levittown

Why is Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman paying an apparent novice acting assessor $140,000 instead of hiring a knowledgeable, qualified, experienced and professional assessor to correct the inaccuracies, inequities and inconsistencies in the county’s assessment rolls? I found three inaccuracies in less than a minute on the roll released Jan. 3.

— Dave Beldner, East Rockaway

Taking issue with voting contentions

I am surprised how short a memory readers have when it comes to accusations of voter fraud ["Only voting fraud try was by GOP," Letters, Jan. 25].

One reader said it was the Republicans who last cried that the election was rigged. I guess that reader forgot what the Democrats did in 2016 with their Russian collusion debacle. Their cries of fraud even brought us the infamous Mueller report. The end result of the media and Democrats’ obsession was no crime by former President Donald Trump and a waste of tax dollars.

As for the reader who said he can do many things online, so why not vote: How many times does he have to verify his identity? Giving a state- or federal-issued voter ID card in person should be as acceptable as what he now does in our online world.

— Bruce Poulos, Massapequa

Young’s Spotify exit is right on the mark

Allowing Joe Rogan to spread lies and misinformation on his podcasts about the current public health crisis is tantamount to someone yelling "Fire!" in a theater ["Spotify OKs Young’s request to remove music," Flash!, Jan. 27].

You’ll have injuries and deaths due to a stampede just as you will have illness and deaths due to Rogan’s misinformation.

Spotify encourages this behavior with a huge contract under the guise of free speech. I agree with Neil Young and will no longer listen to Spotify. There are plenty of other apps.

— Brad Cohen, Lynbrook