Credit: Getty Images/Yulia Reznikov

“No matter how successful we fight COVID-19 at home, we will never stop it unless we also fight it around the world.” Two U.S. military leaders, Admiral James Stavridis and retired General Anthony Zinni, stated that an international response to the coronavirus is critical in ensuring its demise. Unfortunately, the most recent emergency supplemental package passed by Congress in March allocated less than half of 1% of its total budget for international funding. If we continue at this suboptimal level of funding, Oxfam estimates 500 million people could come to live in poverty. Many organizations that fight global poverty, such as The Borgen Project, suggest that at least a $12 billion boost to our international affairs budget is necessary to adequately fund global health programs and provide dire economic relief and humanitarian aid to those who need it most in the developing world. Long Island’s congressional delegation — Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Reps. Lee Zeldin, Peter King, Tom Suozzi, Kathleen Rice and Gregory Meeks — should ensure we are successful in fighting COVID-19 and support additional emergency funding for our international affairs budget.

Michael Roberts,

East Meadow

The little old lady from Massapequa

I recently applied to the Department of Motor Vehicles for my driver’s license renewal and just received it in the mail. I’m so excited that at my current age of 93 I can drive on our busy roads and highways until the age of 101, with no further driver test needed. Just the approval from my eye doctor and an $80.50 fee. Most of us think we are excellent drivers, as do I, but I think the DMV testers are the only ones who can determine that. Many states in this country have mandatory testing after the age of 85, which surely is a sane idea. I think the rules should be changed here in New York that at the age of 85 a road test be given before renewal. This suggestion may sound self-defeating, but let’s get real.

So, all you Long Island drivers, beware: A little old lady will be driving her green Mini Cooper either right in front of or right behind you. Take caution.

Rose Wachsmuth,