Then-President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at the Save America Rally...

Then-President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at the Save America Rally on Jan. 6, 2021 near the White House. Credit: TNS/Yuri Gripas

How to get Trump to push vaccines

We keep hearing that millions of people have decided not to take the COVID-19 vaccine ["Vaccine orders down," News, May 9]. Some are saying that they are not sure about it. These people are like those who still don’t believe that we landed on the moon in 1969. Others are not taking it for political reasons. I suggest that President Joe Biden reach out to former President Donald Trump. Let them have a White House meeting where Trump finally gets credit for Operation Warp Speed. At that time, the Trump could then implore his supporters to get vaccinated, that it’s the patriotic thing to do. I think that this would help in a big way. Unfortunately, I doubt that Biden’s "handlers" would ever agree to this.

Rich Corso, Oceanside

Cash inflow should go to fix highways

What a windfall for Long Island! ["LI to get $841M in stimulus funds," News, May 11] It is my hope that the highway departments will be "stimulated" to repave the horrendous, cavernous crevasses plaguing our roads — both local and state — in a professional manner. They are are so bad everywhere that it is necessary to drive in a zigzag manner to avoid an accident or vehicle damage.

Delores Plunkett, Sayville

Not much to trans women argument

I don’t get the point of the argument against having transgender females competing in female sports ["Bar trans females from female sports," Letters, May 5]. Billie Jean King proved many decades ago that women can compete against men and beat them. Many phenomenal female athletes can compete easily with men in men’s sports. Should they be barred from competing against women? To me, this argument is simply a red herring ginned up by conservatives to use as another wedge issue to divide us.

Carl Borruso,Valley Stream


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