Matthew Morrison as the title character in NBC's "Dr. Seuss'...

Matthew Morrison as the title character in NBC's "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Musical." Jim Carrey had the role in a film version. Credit: David Cotter/NBC/NBC

I believe the identity of the person who wrote disparaging remarks complaining about the "waste of fuel" during the annual joyful fire department Santa Claus tours was incorrect ["Santa fire dept. tours a big waste," Just Sayin’, Jan. 15].

The tours are wonderful community events that bring happiness to people of all ages, especially young children.

That letter most certainly must have been written by Ebenezer Scrooge.

— Terry McPherson, Bellmore

Regarding the reader who voiced his objection to the local Santa Claus holiday tours, I’d like to commend Newsday on its far-reaching circulation.

I had no idea it has readers just north of Whoville, home of the Grinch.

— Robert Emproto, Huntington

Those big-hearted firefighters who take time away from their own families to make others smile deserve more credit than someone complaining about cost and noise. I think the reader should consider leaving Long Island and moving into the Jim Carrey movie character’s abode atop Mount Crumpit.

— Rick Meuser, Huntington Station

We did our share in WWII — and now?

I am so sick and tired of this pandemic and of the people who claim it’s against their "right," their "freedom" to not get vaccinated or wear masks. What about the patriotism and love of country to get us out of this mess?

In World War II, we put up with gas rationing and meat rationing. We followed blackout rules, planted "victory gardens," saved fat, and many more tasks that we accepted as our way to help in the war effort. We truly were patriotic then. What happened to us? I believe if we acted then the way too many of us do now, we would be speaking German today.

Do you want to "make America great again"? Then how about exhibiting some real patriotism. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Follow rules. End this pandemic. Let us get back to the enjoyment of being together with family and friends again. It’s past time.

— Clare Worthing, Wantagh

Patriots put country ahead of party

Are there any real patriots in Washington? Will anyone put the good of the country ahead of party affiliation? There is talk of the need for unity, yet almost no one dares take the first step toward that goal for fear of alienating members of one’s party.

There must be an issue or cause that transcends party affiliation. Where are the patriots who will risk not being reelected in order to do what’s right? The party in power needs to stop bullying the other side of the aisle just because it can.

Both parties are guilty of this. This It goes beyond the Trump-Biden presidencies. Why can’t we take baby steps to start the process of cooperation, unity and trust? It can’t be all or nothing.

— Hoby Shapiro, Woodbury

Set car lights so they go on automatically

If a car has daytime running lights, the dashboard lights up as if lights are on, but no taillights are on. Drivers behind these cars may not see them until the last minute and may rear-end them. With advanced technology, drivers in newer cars can set lights to "auto" and lights will automatically turn on when it’s dark. This may save a life.

— Joan Cohn, Wantagh