Motorcyclists take off from the Cradle of Aviation Museum in...

Motorcyclists take off from the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City on Jan. 6. Credit: Michael Owens

Newsday has carried several letters lately about motorcycles and road safety [“Motorcyclists should obey laws,” Aug. 1]. I have been riding motorcycles for approximately 35 years. I’ve had nine motorcycles and been a member of three clubs.

I currently ride with a group of retired men with varied experience as motorcyclists. Some are retired from law enforcement. We usually ride around Long Island with five to eight in the group, two or more days a week. We follow rules: There’s one leader, we stay in line, we maintain speed and we do not weave. We haven’t ever been stopped by police for speeding, passing heavy traffic along the white line or anything else. (Yes, a few of us have loud pipes for more power and noise.)

While we follow the law, cars cut us off! They cut into our line, drive too close to us and race across three lanes to get to exits. If more car drivers followed traffic laws, we might be better off. Remember, most motorcyclists drive cars, too. We know the rules of the road. Courtesy is a two-way street.

Lew Bonagura, Massapequa Park

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