A Global Entry kiosk at Los Angeles International Airport A federal ban...

A Global Entry kiosk at Los Angeles International Airport A federal ban on Trusted Traveler enrollment affects New York State residents. Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS/Reed Saxon

The article “DHS: No Global Entry enrollment for NYers” [News, Feb. 7] basically said: Punish the entire population of New York for the perceived bad actions of a few. When it applies to the Department of Homeland Security freeze on Global Entry enrollment, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo cries foul and blames President Donald Trump for playing politics. When it applies to violating our Second Amendment rights with more baseless and ineffective gun control measures that are ignored by criminals, the governor eagerly awaits the opportunity to sign them into law.

This is yet another example of the governor’s application of double standards to fit Albany’s growing progressive agenda. Second Amendment advocates have said all along that Albany’s aggressive gun control agenda has had little to do with protecting the public.

Vincent Cristiano,


Editor’s note: The writer is a life member of the Nation Rifle Association.

My wife and I went to Kennedy Airport for our Global Entry interview, which we paid for and waited months to get only to be turned away because the Department of Homeland Security suspended the program for New York because of its program that OKs driver’s licenses for those who are in the country illegally.

I have called state and federal politicians, and do not want to hear finger pointing at whose fault it is (federal or state)nor any partisan politics. It is about finding a solution for law-abiding citizens who have paid taxes for many years prior to all this effort to protect those who are here illegally.

The implementation of this program has been a disaster with long waits at the DMV inconveniencing regular citizens. It shouldn’t be too hard: New York State could amend the licensing program to include the documents in its data base to comply with federal law or DHS could possibly allow for extra documents that prove citizenship. By causing hardship to its citizens, New York is not helping the cause of immigrants here illegally because they will be blamed for the problem. If the state can’t get its act together and if new representatives aren’t voted into office, then it will be time to leave the state.

Michael Marino,

Garden City

Culling deer is about convenience

Regarding the Fire Island deer “cull,” more correctly termed deer “slaughter”: How sad that these beautiful and docile creatures, which grace Fire Island and delight visitors, are now to be treated like vermin, hunted and killed [“Court OKs hunting to cull Fire Island deer,” News, Feb. 4].

It’s always easier to kill rather than be inconvenienced, isn’t it? So much less work and cheaper than trying to preserve what we are lucky enough to have. It is being done for expediency and convenience, not because killing them is the only solution. The other options just take too much time, trouble and money, and our legislators have decided the deer aren’t worth it.

Marie Brown,


These Dems don’t offer what I want

So Democrats want to be elected based on the following messages conveyed in their ads and statements:

  • Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Select me and I can remove President Donald Trump from office.
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Elect me and I’ll give everyone, including those entering the country illegally, free healthcare and education, and all other welfare. I’ll pay for it all by taxing everyone who works or saves. But I can’t tell you how much!
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders: I’ll do the same as Warren but will admit that every taxpayer will pay much higher taxes than they’re paying now.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden: I have no idea what I’ll promise except that the Biden family will get richer and we will carry on the old Democratic Party promises and deliver the same results as you got under President Barack Obama.

So if you think this is a better way of living, then vote Democratic. My lifestyle is what I worked hard all my life for and I’m not ready to donate it to the government to spend on its salaries and efforts to continue to do nothing for us citizens.

Nelson Hunter,


How to stop telephone scams

Seriously? Retired federal investigator Bruce Sackman almost hands over $600 in prepaid debit cards to a PSEG phone scam [“PSEG LI warns of telephone scams,” News, Feb. 4]?

It’s simple to deal with these situations. Here’s what to do if you think a phone call is legitimate:

1. If speaking to a supposed company representative about your account being in arrears, hang up and call the phone number on your statement or on the back of your credit card and tell them you got a call about your accounnt. That agent will give you the straight information. Or check your account balance online.

2. If left a voicemail, do not call the number left you. See item 1 above and contact the company or check online.

3. And if you’re talking live with someone who demands to be paid that day — and with a prepaid debit card or cash — simply hang up: It’s a scam. No legitimate business insists on cash or prepaid debit cards for payment. And certainly not that same day.

Tim Consiglio,



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