Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo responds to the report by state...

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo responds to the report by state Attorney General Letitia James that he had sexually harassed several women, mostly state employees. Credit: Office of the Governor

Reactions to AG’s report on Cuomo

It would appear the biggest obstacle that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo faces now is his own ego. The attorney general’s report makes it clear that this is way beyond "he said, she said."

Cuomo has lost almost every level of support from Albany to Washington, and with that his ability to govern. Newsday’s editorial board had it just right ["It’s time for Cuomo to resign," Editorial, Aug. 4].

While he has the right to defend himself against these charges, if he cares as much about New York as he claims, he should resign and not put the state through an unnecessary impeachment process.

He can defend himself in the legal system.

— Arthur M. Shatz, Oakland Gardens

I have many questions for this governor over many of his policies, but fair is fair. This so-called impartial review was more of an inquisition presided over by a woman looking to take his place ["Probe: Cuomo broke laws," News, Aug. 4].

This was as fair as the hearings and impeachment farces regarding former President Donald Trump.

New York Attorney General Letitia James should show she had no ulterior motives by removing herself from consideration for running for governor next year.  

— Samuel J. Mark, West Hempstead

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo needs to go sooner rather than later. Not only because of the latest report on sexual harassment, but also the way he handled the Moreland Commission looking into ethics in Albany government and his handling of COVID-19 away from the cameras. Information about the vaccine and its initial availability and distribution was a disaster. So was his handling of nursing homes.

— Steven M. Walk, Great Neck

With the report done, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo must be removed. He is a predator. The woman who first came forward with his misdeeds deserves credit.  

— Bill Mahoney, Levittown


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