Trump supporters parade in cars and trucks on Main Street...

Trump supporters parade in cars and trucks on Main Street in Port Jefferson Village on Oct. 17, 2020. Credit: James Carbone

I was amazed at the hypocrisy of the reader who feels that American citizens should not fly flags on our properties, particularly a Trump 2024 flag, if he objects to it ["Flying these 2 flags together isn’t civil," Just Sayin’, Aug. 28].

I guess  the reader is now the American flag czar. Does he realize that his own thoughts and desires are opposite of freedom and liberty? The reason why people fly a Trump 2024 flag is to tell their neighbors that they are disgusted with people  telling everyone what they can or cannot do. I would also like to thank the person in his neighborhood for actually flying the American flag alongside the Trump flag, which should remind all similar readers out there that we are free in this country.  

— Brian Reehil, Manorville

I have the deepest respect for all groups of people. However, I do not feel various groups should fly their own flags. We are all Americans with one flag and one national anthem. By flying their own flags, groups are alienating themselves. This is causing our country to be more divided. If everyone realizes we are one nation under God and are all Americans, we will be on the road to becoming more united as a country.

— Rosemary D’Antoni, Sayville

I believe people flying both the American flag and Trump 2024 flags are just exercising their freedom of speech. To fly both flags in no way diminishes our great American flag. Where are the flags for President Joe Biden? For a guy who received 81 million votes, you would think you’d see a Biden flag somewhere.

— Kevin Mullen, Holtsville

Electric power riders make trail dangerous

The soon-to-be-completed 10-mile North Shore Rail Trail linking Port Jefferson Station and Wading River has become popular for those interested in a safe environment to enjoy walking, running and cycling. A new group has joined — those on electric-powered bikes and skateboards — and they present a danger. Some can attain speeds much higher than those powered by people. Some look like small motorcycles. Often their riders will approach from behind and pass with no warning. Sometimes they are pedaling, but others go much faster. Many ride with headphones on and seem oblivious to others on the trail.  

Signs are now posted stating "No Motor Vehicles" but they are ignored. Is it thought that an electric motor is not a motor? How can the signs be enforced?  

Suffolk County has gone to great expense, adding to federal funds, to make this trail an excellent place for all to enjoy on many levels. Let’s hope this trail does not become as dangerous as our roadways.

— Peter A. Rogers, Miller Place

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