Pedestrians wear protective masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pedestrians wear protective masks during the coronavirus pandemic. Credit: AP/Frank Franklin II

Ideal protest: Show up, speak out, take action

The gathering of more than 200 at the Syosset train station on Sunday described the ideal protest: Show up, speak out, take action ["Hundreds in Syosset rally against Asian hate," News, May 17]. Truth was spoken when Thomas Rogers, the Syosset Central School District superintendent, described the work to be done: expanding the American History curriculum to include Asian American and Pacific Islander history.

Harriet Garzero, Syosset

Parties give a little to take a little

Dan Janison’s op-ed "Mitch McConnell’s fuzzy red line" [Opinion, May 14] gives me reason to hope. If our national politicians would stop pandering to the extremists in their parties, there is room for horse trading that would result in a much-needed infrastructure bill. Democrats could give up some only vaguely related baubles in President Joe Biden’s proposal and, in return, Republicans could let those who can afford it pay more taxes. Certainly, Republican extremists in the Senate and Democratic extremists in the House might be upset, but the sensible center, from both parties, would prevail, and we could fix the roads.

Stuart Chamberlain, West Sayville

New mask policies are ridiculous

The listing of new mask policies in Long Island stores is ridiculous ["Where you will need to wear masks," News, May 20]. Unless the stores religiously verify vaccination status (or even spot check), I believe the people not wearing masks are more likely to be unvaccinated. In my opinion, the vaccinated people are more likely to still wear masks because they can’t trust the others to be honest.

Scott Diamond, Levittown

Being uncomfortable is not sexual harassment

As much as I do not like or agree with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s politics, I have to agree with him about his opinion that "to feel uncomfortable is not sexual harassment" ["Cuomo: To feel uncomfortable is not sexual harassment," News, May 14]. Everyone’s level of discomfort is different. What makes one person uncomfortable might not make another one uncomfortable.

Judy Riccuiti, Bayville

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