Lindenhurst High School on June 12, 2019.

Lindenhurst High School on June 12, 2019. Credit: Barry Sloan

I do not understand why the parents and school district allowed this trip to Italy by Lindenhurst students to happen [“Students may have flu,” News, Feb. 26]. Maybe because the trip was paid already? The Suffolk County Health Department claiming privacy is not acceptable. I hope these students, regardless of their symptoms, are put in quarantine.

Enrica Bilello,


Questions remain about Valva’s death

So much has been written about the tragedy of Thomas Valva, a beautiful young boy, and so many vows have been made at every level to ensure that this never happens again — all after the fact [“Playful, sweet, his mom’s ‘hero,’  ” News, Feb. 10].

I would like to know what has been left unsaid that might have helped avert this tragedy. First, what were the charges against the boy’s mother that left her three sons in the full custody of a father whose alleged horrific abuse of them led to Thomas’ death? Second, did the court show partiality because the father was an NYPD officer?

Annette Daiell,




Potholes? State maintains parkways

Why publish complaints from people about potholes that are wrong [“For motorist on LI, bumpy ride on NSP,” Just Sayin’, Feb. 8]?

For example, some complain that Nassau County is one of the country’s richest counties. And a writer complains about her daily drive on the Northern State Parkway. That is a state road, it’s the reason “state” is in the name. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is the one to complain to.

Bill Mahoney,



Pupils understand dictator traits

Compliments to the teacher who recognized the danger our country faces with someone at the helm who sympathizes with the methods employed by European dictators and trusted their students to make of it what they will [“Furor over lesson with Trump, Nazis,” News, Feb. 23].

Trude Hassberg,



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