Rutted pavement at Eastwood Boulevard and Hawkins Road in Centereach...

Rutted pavement at Eastwood Boulevard and Hawkins Road in Centereach on May 23, 2019. Credit: Wasyl Wynnyckyj III

Once a week for eight weeks, I have called the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department to report a sizable pothole in the front of my driveway on Arbor Lane in Centereach. While this might be a relatively small matter, Arbor intersects with adjoining Eastwood Boulevard, which is riddled with potholes, cracked and uneven pavement and poorly done repairs. Many side streets like mine are in bad shape.

Although I am treated politely by the woman who takes my calls, nothing has been done.

During the daytime, drivers can swerve around the ruts and potholes, but at night, the hazards are harder to see and could cause vehicle damage or a car to hit someone.

For the premium town taxes we pay, we expect premium service from Highway Superintendent Daniel Losquadro.

Wasyl Wynnyckyj Jr.,


Keep drawbridge down during morning rush

Hundreds of people like me who drive to work each day on the Loop Parkway experience major inconvenience during warm-weather months due to drawbridge openings during the morning rush hour.

If you are far from the bridge, it is not unusual to have to wait up to 20 minutes to cross due to backups.

It is bad enough that we endure the pervasive inland traffic jams with the rest of Long Island; to make us wait on the Loop Parkway while boats slowly navigate below the open bridge is the height of absurdity. The drawbridge should remain closed between 8 and 9 a.m. so cars can retain the right of way. I hope that current construction at the site won’t make matters worse this summer.

Wendy Oborne,

Lido Beach


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