People walk past homes at Country Pointe in Plainview on...

People walk past homes at Country Pointe in Plainview on Feb. 10. Residents in new construction are facing sticker shock on tax bills. Credit: Newsday/Steve Pfost

Sunday comic strip found offensive

That the Mallard Fillmore comic appears in Newsday’s Sunday comics as a balance to Doonesbury is as offensive as if every time our round planet was depicted, a synopsis from the Flat Earth Society abutted it. I usually find Mallard Fillmore inane, but the strip appearing Feb. 28 was especially grotesque. Publishing this incendiary lunacy is an affront to American polities. As a thinly disguised analogy to President Joe Biden’s election, disinformation is brandished as we learn that the ref was a causal agent. The cartoon intones uncertainty as the character in blue "thinks" the victory was rightful. The concluding panels depict gloating bores cavorting on ill-gotten booty when no tangible evidence in the first month of Democratic governance would remotely reflect this. The coup de grace is a cynical, sarcastic citation of unity, a quality of which Democrats are apparently bereft. Who is the audience for the malevolent propaganda that Biden did not legitimately win? And that his administration’s motivation is retribution? Where is the integrity of the sacrosanct Fourth Estate that would inject such toxic mendacity into its readers?

William Binnie, Lake Grove

The writer of Mallard Fillmore can get away with a lot in his curmudgeonly persona, but the times are not right for him to promote counter-factual misrepresentations of the presidential election, even by allegory. In the Feb. 28 cartoon, he sets up a little girl as a "Democrat," saying she "thinks" she won fairly, even though the important thing is that "the refs really liked us." This screams to readers that the presidential election was somehow unfair. We need to get beyond this kind of conspiratorial screed being considered acceptable since it has already stirred up real-world violence. Worse, the writer goes on, without justification, to suggest that Democrats intend to do that themselves. I would suggest that Newsday drop the comic. If Newsday believes this would look partisan, drop Doonesbury as well, as Newsday did a few years ago from the daily comics. Or at least move them to the editorial pages, where the content won’t catch anybody by surprise — assuming they’re acceptable even there. Comic pages need to be harmlessly entertaining.

Brian Marley, Smithtown

Huge tax bill should be no surprise

I would find it unremarkable that the expectation of the larger-than-life tax bills were unexpected had the homeowners perhaps investigated more before purchasing ["New Nassau homes give tax sticker shock," News, Feb. 28]. Knowing a reassessment was in progress was a giveaway. If they want to swim with the big fish in these pricey dwellings, they should know to expect to pay with them.

Michael C. Lefkowitz, East Meadow

Veteran irked by Fonda getting award

As a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam, I am among many veterans who took great offense to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association giving Jane Fonda the Cecil B. DeMille Award for "outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment" ["Global Globes go virtual," flash!, March 1]. How can that organization reward, in my view, one of the biggest traitors in American history?

Peter De Martini, Coram

GOP shows hypocrisy over Cuomo issues

I find Republicans’ hypocrisy unbelievable if not laughable. Former President Donald Trump was heard on tape degrading women and had affairs with an adult-film actress and a Playboy bunny while he was married, and he has been accused by numerous women of sexual assaults. All this was well known, and he was still elected president. Now, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment and those on the right are going wild, calling for his resignation. Anyone who disrespects others should definitely be held accountable. So why did Trump get a free pass?

Ann Leahy, Wantagh

Our former president stands accused of rape and paying hush money to adult-film star Stormy Daniels, and people are ready to burn Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo because he made inappropriate remarks to co-workers? To me, this reaction is political. Cuomo got us through the worst of the pandemic with his steady guidance and leadership.

Mary McKenna, North Bellmore

Recently, I received a scathing email from Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) concerning Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. The hypocrisy overwhelms me. When did Zeldin ever criticize former President Donald Trump? When Trump separated preschoolers from their mothers? When he strong-armed Ukraine for political gain? When he denigrated the service of Sen. John McCain? Strangely, he was silent then. I believe Zeldin showed failed honor and patriotism when he signed the letter attempting to prevent certification of the presidential election. Cuomo’s culpability is yet to be determined, but Zeldin’s opinion matters not at all.

Mary Negra, East Setauket