President Donald Trump speaks about law and order from the...

President Donald Trump speaks about law and order from the South Portico of the White House on Saturday. Credit: AP/Alex Brandon

Some glaring issues Americans are facing, I believe, are being given no weight by Newsday’s editorial board in deciding to endorse Joe Biden for president ["Joe Biden for president," Editorial, Oct 11]. Our country was established as a democracy. A lot of discussion has taken place about stacking the Supreme Court; adding Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico as states; and reallocating resources of police departments. In a Biden administration, I say these actions will effectually negate or adversely affect the separation of powers, checks and balances, and the rule of law. Whenever Biden is asked about his stance on stacking the court or adding states, he says voters don’t need to know and he’ll let them know after the election. Voters need to know his stance on these important issues now, not after the election. If the Democrats win the presidency and capture a majority of the Senate, I say they will have free reign to implement these changes that will negate the main things that define our democracy.

John Volpe,

East Meadow

I found Newsday’s editorial "Trump failed to deliver" [Oct. 11] to be so hostile, without giving credit to President Donald Trump for what he accomplished: 1) halting travel from China in January, as soon as the virus started to spread; 2) imposing foreign tariffs and raising employment to its highest level in years; 3) reinstating sanctions on Iran that President Barack Obama had lifted; 4) standing up to the North Korean dictator who made threats of nuclear war against us; 5) recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which three former presidents failed to do; 6) surviving phony collusion accusations with Russia, and impeachment hearings that cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars; 7) stopping funding to the World Health Organization after it sided with China. And Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is no angel. He plagiarized, and he has grandiose plans for energy and climate change, but where is the money coming from?

Pat King,


Well, Newsday’s editorial board, which I see as leaning to the left, has done it again. By elevating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to sainthood and vilifying President Donald Trump, I see the board as once again showing its true colors. Meanwhile, instead of accepting the 2016 election results gracefully, the Democratic Party, to me, has done nothing but obstruct the president at every turn. If there is any division in this country, I say it’s because of Democrats and mainstream media. Forget the alleged Hunter Biden scandal and the lies and deceit Joe Biden has espoused over the years. If he is elected, according to Newsday’s board, he will help save the country. The Democratic-Biden platform is against closed borders, repealing the Trump tax cuts, reimposing President Barack Obama’s regulations on businesses, repealing the ban on Muslim immigration and replacing the current capitalist system with a more socialist system of government, where much is free but the government is in control. I hope and pray this never comes to pass, that the American people are smarter than that.

Everett Mann,

Miller Place

I find it difficult to believe, even if an individual does not like President Donald Trump, that any Christian would vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden since he supports legal abortion, which is against all Christian ethics and morals — and why he has been denied Communion by a priest.

L. John Friia,


I was not surprised to see Newsday’s editorial board endorse Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but I found touting his decades-old record as cause for celebration as dubious. As pointed out by his own running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden was on the wrong side of school busing, voted for the Iraq War and tried to persuade President Barack Obama not to terminate Osama bin Laden, among other poor decisions. When Newsday’s board quoted Biden’s repeated promises to "represent all Americans," I believe they disregarded his own words over the weekend when asked whether Americans deserved to know his stand on court packing and he responded, voters "don’t deserve" to know. He is also quoted as telling voters they will find out after the election. This is hardly representational of someone who cares about what Americans want and is the main reason President Donald Trump, for better or worse, was elected in 2016. The board tells us Biden will restore and maintain the republic’s norms. To me, the board seemed to forget that Long Islanders were disenchanted with the norms before Trump.

Christa Angelastro,