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I received a postcard from the Town of Hempstead regarding free winter drive-in movies. It saddens me that our taxes are going toward what I view as an absurd idea occurring during February, the coldest time of the year. I doubt that people wanted to sit in a car to see a movie. If the car motor runs, it’s wasteful and bad for the environment. Youngsters can do many things at home. One, for example, is that they can watch a movie on TV! They could play a game, read a book, create art, bake, take a walk, exercise or enjoy a library Zoom event. Our taxes are incredibly high. Concerned residents should have a say in the type of entertainment provided for us by our town.

Joyce Goldsmith,

North Bellmore

Falsely accusing Israel of withholding vaccines

For millennia, conspiracy theories falsely accusing Jews of causing the deaths of non-Jews have been used to justify violence against and murder of the Jewish people. Since Israel’s founding, the Jewish state has become a favorite target for such vile tropes. This is why it’s been disappointing to see prominent news outlets, members of Congress, and advocacy groups all recently make false and inflammatory accusations that Israel—in violation of international law—has exercised another form of deadly oppression by denying Palestinians access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Even potentially well-meaning accusers lack three critical pieces of context. First, there are millions of Palestinian citizens of Israel who get the same level of health care and access to vaccines as all Israelis. Second, the 1995 Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Accords states that vaccinations for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza fall under the purview of Palestinian health authorities. Third, Palestinian health officials have made it clear they don’t want Israel’s help with the vaccine. Critics desperate to tear Israel down both absolve Palestinian authorities of their responsibilities and encourage anti-Semitism.

Monty S. Steckler,


Editor’s note: The writer is editor-at-large at J’accuse Coalition for Justice, a nonprofit think tank.