A couple posing at prom.

A couple posing at prom. Credit: ISTOCK/iStock

After reading “Arriving in style for pre-prom festivities” [News, May 31], I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Helicopter rides? Red-carpet fashion? We also hear about expensive limo rides and parties. Are these people for real? It’s all over the news about how most students lucky enough to go to college will be in debt for thousands of dollars, spending many of their post-college years trying to repay loans. We’ve all heard about proposals for free college for all, and about low-percentage or no-percentage loans. But when will these students do their part? Wouldn’t the money spent for extravagant and frivolous prom festivities be better invested in an IRA, a certificate of deposit or put in the bank to pay for college tuitions?
Giampaolo Fallai, Wading River


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