A gaggle of geese cross the road in Eisenhower Park...

 A gaggle of geese cross the road in Eisenhower Park on June 8, 2009. Credit: Audrey C. Tiernan

As a Nassau County resident and taxpayer for many years, I am very disappointed in the fact that Eisenhower Park, specifically the path around the lake, is often littered with droppings from geese. It was particularly bad in the winter and spring. Walkers, joggers and I had to sidestep the mess. At times, I saw the goose patrol truck ride by but do nothing.

I go to the park once or twice a week, and I am happy to report that on my last visit earlier this month, the path was clean. This was a pleasant surprise. I hope it will continue.

Kathy Tallon,

East Meadow

Let children hold the cellphone in the car

A friend suggested on Facebook that parents who might forget a child in a car should give the child their phone while driving.

Brilliant. Parents can’t babble on the phone while driving, can’t text, and actually will have to pay attention to the kids — and the fact that they are driving a lethal weapon, a car. Never in a thousand years would parents forget that appendage, the cellphone.

Richard M. Frauenglass,


Start an hourly express train to Ronkonkoma

Now that the 13-mile second railroad track between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma is finished, it is time to start an hourly express train from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma, with stops at Jamaica, Mineola and Hicksville.

At Ronkonkoma, there should be a minibus running often to and from the terminal. This would get more passengers to Long Island MacArthur Airport, and make it another New York City-area airport to have train connections. It would also make it easier for the airport to get additional flights.

Robert Schoenfeld,



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