State Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs on Feb. 13.

State Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs on Feb. 13. Credit: Howard Schnapp

NY needs statewide fiscal accountability

I did a double take when I read the front-page headline of the June 7 Newsday, “Cuomo: NYers won’t tolerate ‘getting ripped off,’ ” regarding accountability at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

I agree with our governor that MTA accountability is long overdue. New Yorkers are migrating out of New York State because we absolutely are tired of getting ripped off. However, the MTA issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

We live in one of the highest-taxed states in the nation, but also endure hidden taxes that are labeled fees and surcharges, or which are the result of burdensome regulations for individuals and small businesses.

Get to work, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. We need fiscal accountability statewide to curb the exodus of New Yorkers to tax-friendly states.

Brian Retus, Orient

Assembly must pass limo safety bills

Thursday marked a shining moment when the New York State Senate unanimously passed legislation to make stretch limousines safer. The families of victims of the July 2015 Cutchogue crash have achieved a major victory to ensure a safer limousine industry, one that has been insufficiently regulated for many years. We joined forces with government officials and the families of victims of the horrific crash in Schoharie in October to implement safety legislation that will benefit the industry and its consumers.

From the Senate floor, we watched as bills were passed. We now urge the Assembly to follow suit and pass these bills by the scheduled June 19 end of the session, and then for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to sign them.

It is inconceivable that we need to justify these proposals. The consequences of another fatal limousine crash far outweigh the costs of higher standards. How many lives need to be taken to prove this?

We remind our elected officials that their duty requires them to protect constituents. To the Assembly, we believe that this is essential to the public and to the integrity of this governing body. Get this done!

Nancy DiMonte, East Northport

Editor’s note: The writer’s daughter was injured in the 2015 Cutchogue crash that killed four limousine passengers.

Albany Democrats should ignore Jacobs

We were disappointed in New York State and Nassau County Democratic Party leader Jay Jacobs’ warning to Albany lawmakers not to go too far with a progressive agenda [“Call for Dem caution,” News, June 7].

Jacobs was quoted as saying, “I’m supposed to go into Rockville Centre and tell people, ‘We represent you’? They’re going to throw us out of office.” Among bills he was referring to was one to provide driver’s licenses to immigrants who are here illegally.

In 2016, some Rockville Centre residents met at a local bookstore to mobilize on a progressive agenda, including protecting immigrants. We’ve worked to elect six Democratic state senators from Long Island, flip the Hempstead Town supervisor’s office to a Democrat, and win an Assembly seat. In July, we staged a rally to keep immigrant children with their parents. We expected a few dozen attendees, but hundreds showed up.

Credit for Long Island’s blue wave goes to the work of hundreds of suburban activists. We will not be used now for fearmongering or race baiting, when driver’s licenses for immigrants can make everyone safer.

Jacobs should educate voters on the facts behind legislation, including the driver’s license bill and the Climate and Community Protection Act, so New York can lead with an agenda based in love, dignity and respect.

Jaime Jordan, Rockville Centre

Editor’s note: The writer is co-leader and founder of Indivisible of RVC, an advocacy organization.

I couldn’t disagree more with Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs, who I think is out of touch with Long Island’s electorate. Jacobs appears to believe that the best course for Democratic state senators, who finally regained the majority this past January, is to keep their heads down and not support legislation that their next Republican challengers could seize upon.

It doesn’t matter whether that legislation could enhance the safety of New Yorkers (like the bill allowing immigrants in the country illegally to apply for driver’s licenses) or right grievous decades-old wrongs (like the bill to legalize recreational cannabis). Jacobs seems to care more about how Republicans will spin it.

My advice to Long Island’s Democratic delegation, including my state senator, Anna Kaplan, is to ignore Jacobs’ advice and pass the bills. Inaction won’t win over Republican voters, but it will alienate and drive away Democratic ones like me.

Matthew Zeidman, New Hyde Park

Trump picked wrong site to attack Pelosi

While waiting for D-Day commemorations to begin in France on Thursday [“Nations honor aging vets, fallen soldiers,” News, June 7], President Donald Trump did a TV interview in which he was critical of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and special counsel Robert Mueller.

There could be no greater show of disrespect to our flag, our military and our country than for the president of the United States to be name-calling both Pelosi, who is second-in-line for the presidency, and Mueller, who was a decorated war hero during his military service in Vietnam, in front of rows of crosses of our honored dead at Normandy. Kneeling athletes don’t even come close.

Barbara Santerley, Levittown

A heartfelt thank you and God bless you to the more than 2 million troops from more than 12 countries who assembled in Britain 75 years ago before the D-Day invasion. We enjoy freedom because of their bravery.

Virginia Brindisi, Ronkonkoma

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