A team of doctors and nurses checking on a patient...

A team of doctors and nurses checking on a patient inside the MICU. Credit: Newsday/Alejandra Villa Loarca

Cops? Teachers? Don't forget nurses

I am responding to the letters on May 3 ["Don't compare pay of cops to teachers"] and May 5 ["Teachers do more than you imagine"] and am adding another profession, nurses.

As one who has worked in the nursing profession for 50 years, nurses are finally getting recognition of the difficult work we do, thanks to the pandemic. We are exposed to many diseases, to physical and verbal abuse as well, while doing tasks that many would not have the stomach to do. We work nights, holidays, weekends and all year round. Unless you work for the state or county, there are no health benefits on retirement, and pensions are based on what you have had deducted from your salary. Long Island teacher and police salaries are among the highest in the country, as are Long Island taxes. I hope that readers respect us for what we do. 

Gail Kellner, Calverton

Land is available, but zoning an issue

I’m happy in the modest Cape Cod home we’ve lived in for 43 years. It’s in a great community. Neighbors are so supportive. I loved the article about the Baiting Hollow project ["A 30-home, zero-carbon plan," LI Business, May 3]. I take issue, though, with the statement by Mitchell Pally, CEO of the Long Island Builders Institute, that “you just don’t find the land available." There is land available, but buyers continue to try to change the zoning to multifamily complexes. My local example is the Island Hills Golf Course project. It’s zoned for homes similar to the Baiting Hollow project. Rechler Equity Partners insists it can only make money with high-concentration apartments.

Can someone arrange a meeting with these developers to discuss how my community can avoid congestion?

The article is inspiring, and I hope the involved parties will take that inspiration and run with it.

Steve Birkeland, Bayport

It is interesting to learn about all the green features that the builders of Baiting Hollow Development Group and the CEO of the Long Island Builders Institute have put forth to build “green” homes. True, smart green features should not only include solar, wind and heat pumps but also as many skylights to all the rooms and hallways wherever possible.

In fact, adding skylights should be mandatory. Big houses tend to have dark kitchens and living rooms because less window light reach the areas of activity. This is even true in most hallways. Skylights installed in most occupied regions of any building can greatly reduce the electrical usage.

Sharada Jayagopal, East Williston

Put solar awning over LIRR tracks

The expanding clean power needs of Long Island increase the economic viability of solar [“Your voices for change,” Editorial, May 6]. Why not build over the existing Long Island Rail Road track network? A single support awning, angled over hundreds of miles of track, could deliver megawatts of clean electric power.

Steve Johnston, Kings Park

Misuse of immigration policy must end

Every immigrant and asylum seeker deserves to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect. That simply isn’t possible if our government continues to use Title 42 to block them from safety ["Biden, Mexico leader talk about migration," Nation & World, April 30].

This cruel Trump-era policy, which is set to expire on May 23, must end. Seeking asylum at our nation’s borders is a right guaranteed by our laws.

We have the ability to process asylum seekers without violating their human rights, and our government has a plan to do so in an orderly way. Moreover, simple public health measures like testing, vaccination, treatment and quarantine can address the impact of COVID-19.

Continuing the misuse of Title 42 would force asylum seekers who are fleeing violence, persecution and war to return to the dangerous conditions that forced them to flee, without even having their asylum claims considered. Imagine if Poland turned back the trains of Ukrainian refugees because they might bring COVID-19 across the border. America must do better.

America’s families want lawmakers to create a fair process for considering asylum claims that treats all with dignity. It’s time to end the misuse of Title 42 once and for all.

John Gallagher, Patchogue

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