People wait in a TSA line at Kennedy Airport in June.

People wait in a TSA line at Kennedy Airport in June. Credit: AP/Julia Nikhinson

Pesticides a danger to kids and water

It is common for Long Island homeowners to use popular pesticides that can be purchased at home improvement stores. If a homeowner wanted to purchase them by the pallet, he could use them indiscriminately around one’s property anytime and in any quantity -- legally. If a professional landscaper were to use the same weed killers on a property, he would have to be properly trained and certified by New York State or face a heavy fine.

I recently saw a neighbor spraying a well-known weed killer on his property. This person has young children who play in their yard all year.

I want my neighbors and all Long Islanders to realize that a residue of weed killer has been found in cereals our children are eating as well as in our groundwater. These chemicals also are killing the bees and insects we depend on for pollination of our food and flowers.

Worst of all, these chemicals can cause cancer. Organic alternatives are safer. Pesticides are quick and easy, but in the long run, our children and grandchildren will be paying the price.

— Steven Claus, East Northport

Waiting 9 hours to fly home isn’t any fun

Airlines need to stop booking flights for which they can’t provide pilots and attendants. Their operations people have shown to be challenged in fixing problems on the fly.

Recently, my wife and I arrived two hours before our scheduled departure time only to find the plane was delayed nine hours. During our wait, a plane arrived that would sit at the airport for seven hours and be the first flight the next day to our destination, which was 2 1⁄2 hours away. We had to wait for a plane that had yet to leave Haiti, then fly to New York, then back to Jacksonville, Florida, to take us home. We sat with two pilots who, per their conversation with us, could have flown us home, along with three flight attendants.

Someone should be held responsible, but we never can get anyone on the phone.

— Bob Grasso, Wantagh

Reconsider priorities when fixing curbs

Road conditions on Route 109 between Babylon and Farmingdale are bad. The past few months, construction has constantly been ripping up corner sidewalks to install, I presume, curbs compliant for the disabled. As the son of a woman who uses a walker or wheelchair, I’m all for accessibility, but updating curbs for a minimal number of people while thousands of drivers bounce around each day seems like an inefficient use of resources. As a wise man said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

— Gerard Sewell, West Babylon

Park should provide more senior parking

Wouldn’t be wonderful if Suffolk County would provide more parking spaces at Smith Point County Park in Shirley for the disabled and seniors like myself. We cannot walk up that steep hill to gain access to the boardwalk. And a shuttle from the parking lot to the boardwalk for us would make us feel like we are getting something in return for our high taxes.

— Nick Franzi, Holbrook

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