Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, center, inspects paintings on April 12,...

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, center, inspects paintings on April 12, 1945, in a salt mine at Merkers, near Gotha, Germany, where the Nazi government stored art treasures and gold plundered from occupied countries. Credit: AP

Cops should know about their photos

The article “Trotta wants Suffolk cops following rules” [Opinion, Aug. 27] deals with a photo of two uniformed Suffolk County Police Department officers posing with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Republican CD1 candidate Michelle Bond. It is unclear whether they were on duty or not. If they were, it would violate SCPD Rules and Procedures.

Fort Salonga GOP Legis. Rob Trotta, a former police officer, says, “I don’t blame the officers, I doubt they even know the rules. But I do blame the department . . . leadership does nothing.” Why then would the officers not know the rules?

When I worked, we were given an Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct on day one. We were required to reread it every year and take a test on it. If you failed, back to class. Perhaps the SCPD should do this if they haven’t already. The photo rule should be stressed at the beginning of campaign season.

These procedures help the employee and employer. The SCPD, the union, the county and the officer could face legal issues if procedures are not followed. The employer and union have an obligation to be sure the employee knows them. Ignorance is no excuse.

What other rules do officers not know about?

 — Steve Boyce, Dix Hills

Charge tolls on free bridges into NYC

Why not keep it simple? Forget about charging those who drive south of 60th Street as well as trying to figure out who gets discounts or freebies [“MTA has few fans of congestion pricing,” Letters, Aug. 30].

Just impose tolls on all vehicles that now drive over the several free bridges into Manhattan. A nice chunk of change will be raised and, chances are, there’ll be fewer cars coming into the borough.

 — Louie Pinneri, Douglaston

Tying right wing to Russia a bad move

State Assemb. Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove) speaks of the importance of the bill about art looted by the Nazis because of the rise of what he says are totalitarian governments in Hungary and Russia, and the “the right-wing zealots here in the United States” [“Labels for looted art,” News, Aug.  29].

While most Americans would agree that Russia’s war with Ukraine has moved the country from authoritarianism to totalitarianism, Lavine’s grouping the American right with Russia was completely unnecessary and off-putting.

These days, as an independent voter, I am drawn to politicians and candidates who seek to unite our deeply divided country. To me, it appears that Lavine has proven himself to be a man who cares more about party than national unity.

Also, wasn’t it those on the progressive left who tried to have “Gone With the Wind” pulled from HBO Max and remove statues of historical figures they don’t agree with?

For those of us seeking to unite our population and hold the controlling party to President Joe Biden’s promise that when the Democrats take power they will unite the country, unnecessary comments and cheap shots at political opponents are counterproductive.

 — Matt Falk, Commack

False statements to FBI merit jail time

If you lie to the FBI, you have committed a felony. That seems straightforward.

When it comes to sensitive and top-secret documents, there appears to be a Mar-a-Lago-sized room full of deceit. Anything less than jail time for those who have a hard time with the truth when attesting to the whereabouts of these documents would show the United States to be a country whose wealthy and privileged stand above the law. Let’s not make this more complicated than it needs to be.

The rule of law should apply to everyone.

 — Bob Bascelli, Seaford

Thank you, Mets, for new old-timers joy

I’m not a guy who is nostalgic about sports retirements and such, but the first Mets’ Old-Timers Day game since 1994 and interviews with the players made my day [“It’s a ‘big day’ as Old-Timers return,” Sports, Aug. 27].

Thank you, Mets ownership, for bringing back the past.

 — Jeff Ward, Medford

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