Half of a pothole on Middle Neck Road in Great...

Half of a pothole on Middle Neck Road in Great Neck. Credit: Howard Simmons

Fix LI’s awful roads for the long term

How is Gov. Kathy Hochul spending the $24 billion in federal aid from the American Rescue Plan? Clearly, it is not being well spent on roads on Long Island ["Can LI roads be like those in other states?" Just Sayin’, Feb. 5].

One recent morning, I traveled on the Southern State Parkway and Long Island Expressway. I did see repair work being done albeit done badly.

What I really saw were seven Department of Transportation trucks with only one truck actually "repairing" the road. The six other vehicles were just following behind the one. This happened on two roads.

I understand that workers need to be protected, but when the six trucks are spread over a half-mile, what are they protecting? That is workers on 14 trucks paid by taxpayers with only two trucks repairing the roads. What is the cost of the manpower of those vehicles? How much money is being wasted? Is only one truck incapable of fixing a road?

What Long Island needs are roads properly repaired — not patchwork jobs that create mounds because they are not done correctly and do not last. It starts with the Department of Transportation being overhauled — with people who understand the value of a dollar.

— Leonard Fucile, Oceanside

I recently returned from a trip to Cleveland, traveling interstate highways and numerous secondary roads through New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, driving there and back.

Without exaggeration, I encountered zero potholes in three of the four states. All four states deal with the same winter weather and road deterioration caused by snow, rain, cold, salt and heavy vehicle traffic. New York and New Jersey are among the highest-taxed states in the country; Pennsylvania and Ohio are not. Even New Jersey keep its roads in far better condition than New York does. What is the explanation?

I’m reminded every day that the adage "you get what you pay for" seems to apply everywhere but here.

— Dave Staton, Hicksville

I understand that the world is in turmoil with the Russia-Ukraine war and the political divide in our nation. Potholes on the Long Island Expressway may not be a high priority. But, as one of the highest-taxed counties in New York State, Nassau County deserves better.

How many more times is the Department of Transportation going to repeatedly patch the expressway? It needs to be totally replaced. Enough is enough. How many more motorists are going to get flat tires? This should be a top priority.

— Vincent Sgroi, Valley Stream

Driving on Long Island this winter has been the equivalent of driving on the surface of the moon. Where is our infrastructure money going?

— Glenn Tyranski, Huntington

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