A robot arm hands over a sledgehammer to be used...

A robot arm hands over a sledgehammer to be used at Rage Room Long Island, where participants can take their rage out on ordinary household items. Credit: Newsday/Steve Pfost

Room is better way to let off steam

I can understand a reader’s disapproval of Rage Room Long Island, but I wholeheartedly disagree [“Shocking concept is enraging in itself,” Letters, March  22]. With all the anxiety in this country and the anger people feel toward politicians, about the economy and everything else going on, many people need to let off steam and release pent-up stress and anger.

I would rather see them take their anger out on a toaster or a dish or TV than shoot someone or abuse their children or spouse. I see this as a good way of letting go of their frustrations without hurting someone in the process.

I think these places will do exactly the opposite of what the reader thinks. And be beneficial to people.

— Dolores Golini, Bethpage

Clarifying prior error by Goldberg

In the article about her latest slip, it also mentioned Whoopie Goldberg’s prior “erroneous statements about the Holocaust and Jewish people” [“Goldberg apologizes for racially insensitive word,” flash!, March 17].

Readers who do not know the background of the earlier comments might think Goldberg spoke ill of the Jewish people or denied the Holocaust. She did not.

Goldberg did not consider the Jewish people a race. She later said that she had to learn about her choice of words, and her reaction was an excellent one for which she should not have been suspended in the first place.

As a religious and Holocaust educator, I was pleased that Goldberg created conversation about this important earlier subject, and the way she initially handled it was a model for those in public view.

 — Marshall Zucker, Wantagh

We already have a ‘national gun’

So Rep. George Santos is trying to have the AR-15 declared the “national gun of the United States” [“Readers shoot down Santos’ AR-15 idea,” Letters, Feb. 28].

Doesn’t he know that every gun is our national gun?
 — Peter Larkin, Bayside

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