An aerial view of Nassau Coliseum and its parking lot...

An aerial view of Nassau Coliseum and its parking lot on Wednesday evening April 5, 2017. Some concertgoers experienced sticker shock after finding it cost $40 to park at the venue on its opening night. Credit: ALL Island Aerial / Kevin P. Coughlin

Renovated Coliseum falls short

The people who run Nassau County never cease to amaze me. The incessant and rampant corruption and nepotism are bad enough, but now the taxpayers are supposed to be grateful for the remodeled Coliseum, and willing to fork over $40 for the privilege of parking, after purchasing a ticket to an event [“Lot of outrage at parking fee,” News, April 7]?

Because there is no other good way to get there besides driving, can we say extortion? This is totally ridiculous and will ensure that this reopening will fail.

Henry Beyer, Woodmere


While the renovated Nassau Coliseum looked nice, not a lot has changed.

Lines snaked around the arena, which took us more than 20 minutes to enter. Inside, we waited on a bathroom line for 15 minutes or more. At the bar kiosk, we waited 30 minutes for a drink. Luckily, Billy Joel didn’t start on time.

We went back for another drink, but were told the bar service stopped at 9:30 p.m. For a show that started late and ended well after 11 p.m., a hard stop at 9:30 was a joke.

Matthew J. Morganelli Sr., Smithtown


The Billy Joel concert was fantastic, but I have one major complaint: Even though our seats were very high up, you would think we would have been able to see the large video screen. We could not see it because of the interior overhang above our section. I don’t think the designer had spectators in mind. Next time, I’ll know where to sit.

Mary Ann Sipplak, Elmont


I read early reviews of the Coliseum renovation and tried to keep an open mind at the Billy Joel show. I wasn’t impressed with the place.

I waited on line for a half-hour to park. I have a handicap sticker and was pointed to the adjacent hotel, with no one to help me get to the Coliseum itself.

The Coliseum looks like what many Long Island homeowners have done with their houses. They took siding and covered the mess behind it.

The lobby and food court are beautiful, but you still can’t walk around without waiting for people to move because the lines are forever.

Why they thought it was smart to reduce the seating is beyond me.

Gerard Boettcher, West Hempstead