A reader says a flat property tax is the answer...

A reader says a flat property tax is the answer to the school funding crisis and housing shortage. Credit: Newsday/John Keating

Flat property tax could solve issues

The solution to the school funding and housing shortage issues is simple and fair ["Housing plan worth retooling," Editorial, Feb. 22]. A 2% (or 3%) flat property tax cap is the solution. Of course, we would retain allowances for veterans, seniors, seniors in need, et al. Maintaining the School Tax Relief program (a nice check around the holidays) would be welcomed. Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan for accessory apartments was brilliant but done the wrong way. Legalize it on the state level and encourage each town to join voluntarily, with a tax incentive to increase accessory housing in area. Accessory housing, where locally allowed, taxed and regulated, is a winner for all of Long Island. More affordable housing for young adults with greater availability and safety, and extra income for homeowners. Essentially, you allow one accessory apartment for every homeowner who, with proper permits.  

Alan Cohn, Nesconset

Stop using outdated property tax system

I could not agree more with the editorial "Time to revamp school funding" [Opinion, Feb. 20]. The time has come to stop using an antiquated real estate system of taxation to fund the school system. A system based on income tax makes much more sense for all age groups because young people who are just starting out, middle-aged earners making more and, finally, retiring seniors would all be taxed at appropriate levels and be able to stay in their homes. Long Island is seeing an exodus because of the tax burden put on us, mostly from the costs associated with running school districts. The current system does not consider one's ability to pay taxes based on earnings. Instead of gimmicky refund checks which do nothing to support long-term affordability, Gov. Kathy Hochul should use the additional federal funds to set up a new tax rate, funding the school system for years to come and removing the school tax burden from our real estate taxes.

Anthony Catanese, Sayville

Make every vote for president count

I also agree about needing to modernize the Electoral Count Act of 1887 ["Presidents and better elections," Editorial, Feb. 21]. The Electoral College should be done away with. Today’s digital-world evildoers, especially foreign powers, can try to manipulate data state by state to change vote counts. The will of the entire population should determine presidential winners, not just a few states. This would restore the faith of Americans that all their votes count.

Jim Cordista, Centerport