Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a rally in...

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a rally in Brooklyn on April 9, 2016. Credit: John Roca

The writer of “Where are religious voices against Donald Trump?” [Letters, June 5] proposes that Trump personifies people whom Pope Francis condemns as having “a boundless thirst for power and material prosperity” that causes untold suffering for the poor.

But in fairness, shouldn’t the writer also examine how Hillary Clinton holds up under papal scrutiny? This pope, and those before him, proclaim abortion to be evil. Yet, Clinton is an ardent supporter of abortion rights.

Most of us are weary of this subject, but the fact remains that the “untold suffering” toll here is more than 58 million innocent, unborn people in our nation.

Walter Ruzek, Mineola


I can only scratch my head, chuckle and suppress my gag reflex at the opinion written by columnist Jennifer Rubin [“Ways to win ‘thoughtful’ Republicans,” Opinion, May 31].

Am I to assume that only thoughtful Republicans could be persuaded to vote for Hillary Clinton? So all who can’t be turned in her favor are Neanderthals?

And just to clarify, is Rubin suggesting that Clinton become someone she’s not, and say things she doesn’t mean to garner votes? And after that she can resume her progressive policies?

I’m a Democrat, and I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. I wish we had better options. But, being a thoughtful person, college-educated and with more common sense than most, I’ve evaluated our options. And I’d much rather vote for anyone other than Clinton. Trump is not my favorite, but at least I know who he is. He doesn’t play politics.

Susan Thomson, East Northport