Matt Davies' shark cartoon

Matt Davies' shark cartoon Credit: Newsday/Matt Davies

A reader objected to a cartoon depicting the Proud Boys and extreme right-wing groups as parts of a shark fin in Long Island waters, stating instead that they are Democrat-caused, due to inflation, etc. [“Shark cartoon misses real cause of danger,” Letters, Aug. 8].

It is during former President Donald Trump’s presidency that right-wing groups came to prominence and have little to do with Democratic policy.

Rather, they are based on bigotry, hate and white supremacy, and they have been enabled by Trump.

Perhaps the writer forgot that these groups came to power during a Republican, not a Democratic, administration and are largely responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection.

— Michael Golden, Great Neck

I was outraged by the reader’s response. Besides simplistically blaming Democrats for causing crippling inflation, the rise in crime and other assorted problems, she includes “the immigrant explosion” as another ill facing us.

In the 1930s, after many opposed increased immigration from eastern Europe (including many Jews), our government responded by severely limiting it, leaving thousands little, if any, safe haven from the gas chambers of Auschwitz. Even worse, the writer seems to use these “Democrat-caused” problems as an excuse for the Proud Boys and white-supremacist hate groups.

— Jay Abrahams, Lynbrook

I was surprised to see an inaccurate interpretation of the shark cartoon. It blamed Democrats for inflation, rise in crime, increased taxes and the immigrant explosion (FYI, they fill jobs that Americans don’t want).

The dangers regarding the hate we see everywhere are much greater and  trivialized by reimagining them as dangers posed by Democrats.

— Mark Weintraub, Old Bethpage

Matt Davies did miss the mark. Besides “Proud Boys,” “white supremacy” and other dangers, he should have added “ignorance” to the shark fin.

— Robert Emproto, Huntington

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