Homes across the street from a proposed solar farm in...

Homes across the street from a proposed solar farm in Quogue seen March 20. Residents say arrays would be noisy and affect wildlife. Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Pushback against solar is misguided

Residents have voiced their concerns over noise and wildlife impact by a proposed solar array [“Solar farm plan gets pushback,” Our Towns, March 22].

The neighbors’ concerns about the proposed array in Quogue, situated between the villages of Westhampton Beach and Quogue, regarding the potential noise it will generate and negative impacts to the environment and wildlife are ludicrous.

Noise from a solar array — really? Negative impacts to the environment and wildlife — really? These ridiculous talking points sound like something Big Oil would say, and they are not based on reality.

I would be much more concerned about sea-level rise, dangerous storms and the subsequent beach erosion, extremes in weather causing damage by extremely high temperatures, drought, flooding and fires.

These pushbacks are not based on science. Offshore wind energy is coming to Long Island, and solar arrays and batteries will improve the infrastructure for our local power grids. They will help offset the predicted dangers of climate change that we are all facing.

— Peter Suchmann, Oceanside

The writer is a retired science teacher.

Judge’s dismissal of trans suit irksome

I question a federal judge dismissing Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman’s lawsuit against state Attorney General Letitia James over his executive order barring transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports at county parks and facilities [“Blakeman suit against A.G. nixed,” News, April 13].

This is an issue of safety and nothing else. Her statement about Blakeman’s order being transphobic and that there is no room for hate in New York is absurd.

I identify as a proud, lifelong resident of New York who wonders how we have gotten so far off a path of common sense.

— Steven F. Cassidy, Franklin Square

Letitia James appears focused on destroying the American ideology of respect for one another’s liberty. It’s twisted that one must respect anything anyone imposes upon you whether or not that has serious implications on individuals or society.

If those who are transgender want to compete in sports, let them form their own teams.

— Yvonne Katz, Smithtown

Students’ loan debt canceled: No thanks

It is all well and good to cancel some student debt “$7.4 billion in student loan debt canceled,” News, April 13]. But what about those of us who had to take out personal student loans because the government said we were making too much money to get financial aid?

Although the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s loan forgiveness program last summer, his administration still has found ways to cancel debt through existing limited programs.

We are now stuck with high interest rates and government officials who will pat themselves on their backs claiming what a great job they did. Debt is debt no matter what form it is in.

— Gerard Boettcher, West Hempstead

The cancellation of $7.4 billion in student debt is nothing more than President Joe Biden reaching out to get more votes for the upcoming election.

How is it fair to students who have responsibly paid back their loans or to the tradesmen who paid for their schooling?

Why is my tax money now paying off loans for people who should have not taken on this debt if they could not afford it? Will I get my money back for the loans I repaid?

Why don’t Americans get to vote on this?

— Kurt Butcher, Yaphank

Joe Biden did not really forgive the student loans. He just shifted the cost to many taxpayers who likely paid off their loans or their children’s.

This move throws individual financial responsibility out the window. Biden is buying votes for reelection with tax money from our hard-earned income.

— Kevin McGrath, Northport

One of these property taxes seems off base

A new home in Sag Harbor completed this year is on the market for $7.85 million [“Sag Harbor home asking $7.85M,” LI Real Estate, March 29]. With seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and 9,000 square feet, it also has a full-size inground pool, pool house and a tennis court amid its 1.85 acres. Other amenities include a gym, spa and sauna. Its annual property taxes are $8,930.

My three-bedroom, one-bath ranch in Islip Terrace may fetch around $500,000. My annual taxes are $9,707. Where is the equality in this comparison?

— Charles Rullmann, Islip Terrace

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