(FILES) In this file photograph taken on July 14, 2017,...

(FILES) In this file photograph taken on July 14, 2017, shows (L/R): US First Lady Melania Trump, US President Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron as they attend the annual Bastille Day military parade on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris.US President Trump has asked for a military parade to showcase US muscle and underscore his role as commander-in-chief, the White House said February 6, 2018. Trump, who has toyed with the idea of a parade in Washington since before being sworn in, has made the request to officers, who are looking for a date. / AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULTCHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP/Getty Images Credit: AFP/Getty Images / CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT

On the one hand, President Donald Trump orders a parade to salute the military [“Trump’s marching orders for military parade,” News, Feb. 7]. On the other hand, he denigrates the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller.

Maybe he doesn’t know that there are many military heroes, past and present, who worked and work for the FBI. One of those heroes is Mueller, who volunteered to serve in Vietnam. Mueller was a platoon leader who bravely led his men in combat and received the Purple Heart for being shot while encountering enemy forces.

The parade could cost millions of dollars, all so Trump can observe himself saluting like a toy soldier. Take the money and spend it on better care for our veterans and military personnel.

Gene Reynolds, Ridge

President Donald Trump’s idea for a military parade is one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve ever heard.

It’s a total waste of time, money and resources. At a time when fiscal responsibility is called for, the millions of dollars this would cost could be so much better spent on infrastructure, veterans’ needs, medical research, housing for the homeless and more.

The logistics and coordination alone would waste manpower and training time. The American people and world powers already know our military is the pinnacle. This is an idea from a little man for his inflated ego. Do not waste my money!

Lionel T. Bauman, Baldwin

Do I understand President Donald Trump? He wants a parade to show military strength, with tanks, fighter jets, etc., because he was awe-struck by last year’s Bastille Day celebration in Paris?

Does he know or care that there are people in this country who don’t have enough food to eat, or even, say, paper towels?

Susan Hennings-Lowe, Huntington

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