Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, right, gives an update on...

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, right, gives an update on the cyberattack as Lisa Black, deputy county executive, looks on in December 2022. Credit: James Carbone

Suffolk needs full policy on cyber coverage

I have specialized in commercial insurance programming since 1988, and I cannot remain quiet about this any longer [“Suffolk’s ransom refusal is debated,” News, Jan. 28]. I have read stories about hiring outside security firms, consulting firms or even hiring several technology administrators. I was extremely appalled by this because I have not seen anyone question why a large entity such as Suffolk County does not have a comprehensive cyber insurance policy.

Several weeks ago, it was mentioned that this type of policy could be expensive. Really, that’s it? Any larger business has a chief financial officer, comptroller or risk manager who controls the insurance policies. Any basic cyber policy can have a large liability limit with additional coverages, including ransomware.

Who is watching the store? Who makes that decision? Any reliable insurance broker would present that policy just to protect him or herself from criticism or blame. County Executive Steve Bellone’s reasoning for not paying a $2.5 million ransom demand seems peculiar. If he really wanted to protect taxpayer dollars, he would have a cyber policy in place.

Robert Rivera, Port Jefferson Station

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman proposed, and the county legislature approved, the hiring of a cyber security firm to protect the county from being hacked the same way that Suffolk County was. But they won't identify the firm or the cost to the public. Unless they hired the same inept firm that was supposed to protect Suffolk, why the big secret? And not publicly disclosing the cost? Why not? How does that impact our cyber security? This type of thing is why the Nassau Interim Finance Authority exists. Is this a sweetheart deal? This could be right up there with property tax assessment challenge firms.

John Napolitano, Williston Park

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