Suffolk police responding to threats

To effectively provide public safety in the 21st century, municipal police departments need to actively monitor evolving threats, trends and patterns — locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.

In most cases, if it can happen somewhere in the world, it can happen locally.

The Suffolk County Police Department constantly monitors events that could have an impact upon public safety here in Suffolk County. Accordingly, when Jewish cemeteries were vandalized in other parts of the country and Jewish community centers received threat calls, our department took immediate notice and acted proactively, even though no similar activity had occurred in our county.

I would like to reassure the citizens of Suffolk County that we are ever vigilant in monitoring threats and we will initiate pre-emptive action whenever necessary [“Patrol Long Island’s Jewish cemeteries,” Letter, March 8].

We stand in solidarity with the Jewish community. We will do whatever is necessary to protect all of our communities.

Stuart Cameron, Yaphank

Editor’s note: The writer is chief of department of the Suffolk County police.