Suffolk County Police block the gate to Oheka Castle Monday,...

Suffolk County Police block the gate to Oheka Castle Monday, Feb. 24, 2014, in Huntington. Credit: James Carbone

Here we go again, more raises for Suffolk County police ["Police brass contract sets raises," News, Feb. 17].

Superior Officers Association president Tim Morris is quoted as saying, "We believe this is a good contract for our members and the people of Suffolk County."

I respectfully disagree. These salaries and continuous sellout increases are out of hand. In the real world, this time bomb of a problem would have been fixed long ago. Unfortunately our Legislative presiding officer, DuWayne Gregory (D-Amityville), and others, I am sure, think it's just wonderful.

These self-serving practices of increasing pay are the nail in the coffin for this region.

William W. Bruner, West Babylon

Isn't it about time that elected officials review the benefits of the many public labor contracts?

There was a time when civil servants were not highly paid, and so negotiations centered on benefits -- sick leave, vacation time, retirement, medical, etc. Today, many salaries have increased to the point of being more than livable, including those for teachers and police. I'm not begrudging anyone a good salary, but it's time to take a hard look at the benefits in these contracts.

When do we say enough? Why should overtime be factored into retirement pay? Overtime is paid due to an immediate need to get a task accomplished. Why should that increase continue into retirement? Is it realistic to believe that someone hasn't taken vacation in years and receives that pay, instead, at retirement? Is it safe and healthy for someone to not take vacation or to work excessive overtime?

Frank Leahy, Smithtown