On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, Islip Supervisor Thomas Croci, seen...

On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, Islip Supervisor Thomas Croci, seen here on May 20, 2013, rebuked town leadership and oversight that led to the illegal dumping of thousands of tons of contaminated debris throughout town, and he said the town is committed to fixing the problem. Credit: James Carbone

I trusted Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci until I read that he's jumping ship to run for the State Senate ["Croci's Albany bid upsets some," News, July 17]. This is just the kind of self-serving move I'd expect from a politician rather than a leader. Is he trying to distance himself from the illegal-dumping mess that came to light while he was deployed with the Navy in Afghanistan?

Running for another office now is a both a disservice to our community and a huge political mistake.

Joe Conron, Sayville

Do politicians know any shame? In Islip, illegal dumping of toxic waste took place on a grand scale. That will cost taxpayers millions to clean up. No one knows yet if, or to what extent, residents' health has been affected.

Now Supervisor Tom Croci says he has been "called upon" to seek higher office ["Croci to run for Senate," News, July 16]! Called upon by whom?

Barely back from military deployment, he is already seeking to put the town dumping behind him. Only in politics would this behavior be ignored and even rewarded by voters so routinely that politicians expect it.

Anthony Johnson Sr., Brentwood