Mike Luckovich / Creators

Mike Luckovich / Creators

Newsday shows a bias against President Donald Trump through the use of cartoon roundups.

The newsday.com/opinion website shows editorial cartoons by Newsday’s Matt Davies. A majority criticize Trump, before and after he was elected.

On Saturdays, Newsday publishes a roundup of cartoons from other publications. Most often criticize Trump. On Feb. 18, a majority were critical of him.

There is virtually nothing included in the cartoons that takes Democratic U.S. senators to task for boycotting votes on Trump’s nominees to his Cabinet. The constant criticism from the Democrats is inappropriate, distracting and counterproductive.

Instead of a constantly biased effort against the fairly elected president, and the attempts to preclude his implementing programs he ran on, the cartoons should be toned down and an equal variety of opinions published.

Richard Gerien, Middle Island