A video of then-President Donald Trump recording a statement on...

A video of then-President Donald Trump recording a statement on Jan. 7, 2021, is played, as the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol holds a hearing July 21. Credit: AP/J. Scott Applewhite

The House select committee was set up to examine the events of Jan. 6 and present facts based on sworn testimony and videos of the events leading up to and culminating in the horrific and unprecedented assault on the Capitol [“Jan. 6 committee just taking shots at Trump,” Letters, July 22].

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was allowed to choose five Republicans to serve on the committee dependent on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s acceptance of the five. After Pelosi rejected two but allowed the three remaining Republicans (all Trump supporters) to sit on the committee, McCarthy refused to allow any GOP participants on the committee.

If not for McCarthy’s decision, there would have been three Trump loyalists on the committee who could have expressed their thoughts regarding testimony and presentation of the events.
— Carolyn Krupinski, Plainview


A reader wrote that the Jan.  6 select committee has been taking shots at former President Donald Trump to keep him from running in 2024 and the “truth” should be told. The witnesses who have testified have been mainly officials who were appointed by and worked for Trump, including his own children.

The committee has demonstrated how Trump is a traitor to the Constitution. He must and should be held accountable for sending a violent, unpatriotic mob to destroy the seat of American democracy.
 — Lucy Henriques, Nesconset

The reader should be reminded that the mainstream Republicans wanted to have nothing to do with an investigation of Jan. 6, and now they complain that it is one-sided. You can’t have it both ways. Republican vice chair Liz Cheney has pretty much thrown away her political career for what she believes. The reader is correct that it is not a trial. I, for one, want a trial.
 — Micky Curry, Massapequa Park


Does the reader realize that almost every person testifying was either on President Donald Trump’s staff, a Republican, a part of his legal team, his advisers or family? Also testifying were rioters who broke our laws because they believed and followed Trump’s directives.

Each witness told us what transpired, and what was done or said by Trump, including those in contact with him on Jan. 6. Yes, it looks bad for Trump, and it should. He appears to be primarily responsible for this attempted coup. This is the whole truth. It had nothing to do with any Democrats, no matter what the reader believes.
 — Maryann Schlessinger, Coram

This committee has no power to try Trump. It is only fact-finding. There is no cross-examination because these hearings are not a trial. What is one-sided is that most of the witnesses are staunch Republicans and Trump loyalists for years. Their testimony to Trump’s involvement in organizing and directing this insurrection is staggering.

Regarding the reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she could give striking evidence about rioters violating her office. And as for comparing it to “My Cousin Vinny,” no evidence in that film is as pivotal as the videos of rioters shouting, “Hang Mike Pence!”
— Sue Parker, Stony Brook


Countless people close to President Donald Trump have been subpoenaed to testify, but a scant few have appeared. Why is that? I’d say it’s because of the chance of perjury when one tries to defend the defenseless under oath.
— Mark Snider, Massapequa

The reader decries a one-sided “trial” but neglects to mention that nearly every person who could provide a defense of the former president has refused to testify, defying subpoenas and/or claiming “executive privilege.”

If the probe is so one-sided, why not present the opposing evidence under oath?
— Bill Ciesla, Northport


Former President Donald Trump keeps pushing the election lie, which has been repeatedly disproven. Truth has to come out, and that is why these hearings are being televised.

 — Carol Galati, Ridge

Two Republican witnesses in President Donald Trump’s inner circle testified about his inaction on Jan. 6. They said they resigned that night. This committee is not partisan.
 — Mary McKenna, N. Bellmore


Even Fox News commentators texted President Donald Trump’s advisers during the insurrection, seeking a statement or TV appearance asking the mob to exit the Capitol.

Trump’s actions to overthrow the government and inaction put our democracy in danger.
 — Alvin Goldberg, Great Neck


The investigation is un-American? What is more un-American than failing to uphold the Constitution?
— Scott Diamond, Levittown 

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