President Donald Trump speaks during an address on tax reform...

President Donald Trump speaks during an address on tax reform at the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington on Sept. 29, 2017. Credit: Bloomberg / Shawn Thew

After nine months in office, President Donald Trump and his Republican Congress have not fulfilled any of the promises he made to his supporters during his campaign [“Repeal effort collapses,” News, Sept. 27].

No repeal of the Affordable Care Act. No infrastructure plan. No wall, thank heaven.

He has pardoned a convicted racist sheriff noted for harassing Latinos in Arizona. He insulted decorated war hero Sen. John McCain, who was held more than five years in captivity by the North Vietnamese. By speaking well of the “very fine people” in the neo-Nazi movement and trying to stifle peaceful protest, instead of making America great again, he has divided the country.

He has invoked executive orders that allow companies to further pollute the waters instead of disposing of pollutants in environmentally safe ways. This will invite another disaster similar to the one that occurred in 2015 in Flint, Michigan. He has failed to fight climate change with our long-time European allies.

These acts are not presidential.

Vincent Grabinsky, West Babylon