Fireworks found in the carr of Nicholas Maggio, 27, of...

Fireworks found in the carr of Nicholas Maggio, 27, of Seaford, who was arrested following the stop of his gray Honda on the southbound Wantagh near Sunrise Highway at about 1 p.m. Sunday, March 6, 2016. Credit: NYSP

My dog is again cowering under the couch and won’t go in the backyard at night. The fireworks started on Memorial Day. I always thought Memorial Day was a somber day to reflect on the lives lost in defense of our country.

It would appear that many rude and obnoxious Long Islanders — there is no other way to describe them — consider these holidays an excuse to behave like discourteous children and set off fireworks. The fireworks have been going off every weekend since and will peak on the July Fourth weekend.

The police do absolutely nothing, and our quality of life continues to deteriorate.

Steven F. Lowenhar, Dix Hills

LIRR station needs better security

I saw a sign offering a reward for an apparently expensive bicycle that had been stolen in broad daylight at the Long Island Rail Road station in Central Islip.

A person with his own bike inside the waiting room — he was taking no chances — told me that the stolen bike had been chained to the bike rack, and the chain was cut. This bike rack is in full view of the waiting room.

This is a disgrace.

Michael Brozinsky, Central Islip

Concern about the dangers of big rigs

This spring I’ve noticed an increase in the size and number of extremely large trucks on Long Island highways. This is especially true on Sunrise Highway and the Long Island Expressway.

Where are they all going? The trucks are exceptionally large, with multiple axles and up to 32 wheels. My fear is that if these monsters wreck, many innocent people will die or be maimed.

And where the heck are the police? Is the new speed limit 80 mph on Sunrise Highway and the LIE? Why aren’t speed-limit laws enforced with these big rigs?

Frank Nash, Sayville

Don’t exploit Old Glory for profit

As a retired Army veteran, I’m extremely disappointed and offended by the use of the American flag to advertise one’s business.

This is a misuse of holidays. We are supposed to be celebrating and paying honor to all our veterans. Unfortunately, this practice does not occur only on Memorial Day, but also on the Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

I saw a real estate agent place plastic flags with her business card attached to promote her work.

This practice of using the American flag as a sales tool must stop.

Gary D. Buck, Westbury