Here are the answers to Friday’s news quiz, which asked you to identify the former Trump administration official who tweeted this in response to the Jan. 6 committee testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson: “This is explosive stuff. If Cassidy is making this up, they will need to say that. If she isn't they will have to corroborate. I know her. I don't think she is lying.”

The first letters of each clued word spell out: MICK MULVANEY, the former White House acting chief of staff.

MEDAL OF HONOR: Hershel Williams, the last living World War II veteran to receive this award, the nation’s highest military award, died at age 98.

IRS: Sen. Chuck Schumer is seeking a reversal of a ruling from this agency that levied tax hikes on Suffolk homeowners who received grants to replace failing septic systems.

COMMUNION: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi received this during a visit to the Vatican.

KETANJI BROWN JACKSON: She was sworn in to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

MONKEYPOX: U.S. health officials expanded the group of people recommended to get vaccinated against this slowly spreading exotic virus.

UNITED STATES: Nation that said it would set up a permanent military headquarters in Poland to make that country safer from Russian belligerence.

LOS ANGELES: Officials in this California county voted to return an oceanside property known as Bruce’s Beach to the descendants of its Black owners nearly 100 years after it was wrongfully seized.

VINCENT PULEO: Smithtown Town clerk who defeated four-term Suffolk County Clerk Judith Pascale in a Republican primary.

AIRBNB: Company that made permanent a ban on parties held in homes listed on its website as short-term rentals.

NISSAN: Automaker that recalled 323,000 SUVs in the U.S. because the hoods can unexpectedly fly open and block the driver’s view.

ERNST & YOUNG: Multinational accounting firm fined $100 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission for ethics test cheating by hundreds of its auditors.

YAPHANK: Suffolk County hamlet whose 18th century Hawkins Family Cemetery is scheduled for restoration work this weekend.

— Michael Dobie @mwdobie