Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/LPETTET

With our choice for president of the United States, Newsday’s editorial board begins its endorsement of candidates seeking federal and state offices in 2020.

Our recommendations to Long Island voters will be published in the coming weeks, the culmination of a process that began in September and will include interviews, via Zoom or by telephone, with nearly 70 candidates. We ask each candidate about a range of issues relevant to the seat for which they are running, from major topics of wide-ranging interest to issues that are specific to the district they hope to represent. The candidates the board endorses in your districts will be listed at

Our decisions are relative; we compare the major candidates in a race and decide which one we think will best represent Long Island’s interests. The editorial board operates independently of Newsday’s newsgathering operation.

This is an election season unlike any other. It is being conducted during the coronavirus pandemic, and features an unprecedented surge of early voting and mail-in voting all around the country, all of it occurring amid unfounded attacks on the integrity of the process. Do not let that dissuade you from doing your duty as a citizen of this country.

Please vote, by whatever means is best for you. You can vote absentee, by mailing in the ballot you have requested or by dropping it off at a board of elections headquarters, an early voting site, or your polling place on Election Day. Or you can vote in person on Nov. 3. Whatever you decide, please choose to make your voice heard.

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