As a former Lynbrook mayor, Brian Curran, 45, has a lot of experience with hands-on problem solving. And recovering from superstorm Sandy has been the biggest challenge in his district.

That's why he is working on 200 active cases of homeowners, some not even his constituents, whose houses were destroyed or damaged but can't get promised relief money.

Curran, a Republican who sits on the ethics committee, says more disclosure should be required about members' outside income. He's one of the few attorneys in the Assembly who voluntarily provided details about his law practice for a conflict-of-interest review.

He doesn't support public campaign financing, and would rather amend the state constitution to deny a state pension to any public servant convicted of a felony related to their job.

His Democratic opponent, Adam M. Shapiro, 24, of East Rockaway, is not campaigning.

Newsday endorses Curran.