Democrat Charles Lavine, 67, of Glen Cove, has a simple wish list for state government. High on that list -- along with on-time budgets and making New York a better place to live -- is creating an ethical climate in Albany that is a model for the nation.

As chairman of the Assembly Ethics and Guidance Committee, Lavine led a task force that revised the chamber's sexual harassment rules and positioned his committee as the first stop for allegations of ethical violations. That's a start.

Republican Louis Imbroto, 30, of Plainview, is an assistant Oyster Bay town attorney. He wants to keep his generation in the district and the state by spurring housing development near transit hubs, holding the line on taxes and improving infrastructure. He understands state issues and has a promising future. But Lavine is a strong advocate for the suburbs in the majority party.

Newsday endorses Lavine.