Joseph Saladino, 52, a Massapequa Republican, ran for a fifth term in 2012 -- and won -- on a slim record of accomplishment, even for a minority Assembly member.

In two years, however, Saladino has worked hard to put points on the board and turn his energy into actions. His most impressive achievement was passing a bill in both houses to contain the pollution plume from the former Northrop Grumman site in Bethpage. The bill awaits the governor's signature.

Saladino also wrote a bill creating solar-energy development zones near university campuses, an idea that needs more vetting. For this and other efforts, environmental advocates give him high marks.

Democrat Edward M. Buturla, 50, of West Babylon, is not actively campaigning.

Saladino has talked for years about reducing state mandates to unburden school and local budgets. He must turn that talk into concrete action.

Newsday endorses Saladino.