Incumbent Michael Montesano, 60, of Glen Head, was elected to the Assembly in a special election in 2010.

Four years later, the Republican is a member of the Assembly Ethics Committee and is cast as one of eight statewide representatives to the Legislative Ethics Commission, helping enforce a stringent code of conduct for elected officials across the state.

A lawyer and former New York City detective, Montesano is well-suited for the assignment to police bad behavior. He supports retroactive pension forfeiture for wayward lawmakers. Those two committee posts will most likely keep Montesano busy, but we urge him not to forget his desire to pursue a strengthened vetting process for Board of Regents members -- one that is grounded on qualifications, accountability and transparency.

Democrats again nominated Mario Ferone, 21, of Plainview, as their candidate, and for the second time he's not actively campaigning.

Newsday endorses Montesano.