Tucker the dog with a snow version of himself on...

Tucker the dog with a snow version of himself on Thursday in Islip Terrace. Credit: Julee and Jen Sarno

There's no doubt it's been a tough winter, and there's been a certain amount of grumbling as we bravely soldier on, but we think everyone is overlooking the good points of all these storms:

10. We can put Steelers jerseys on snowmen and knock them over. Again and again.

9. It's good to know students in Shanghai and Beijing aren't beating Americans because they're smarter. They're winning because our kids no longer attend school.

8. For once, faced with huge increases in property taxes, you'll know why.

7. We can catch up on all those episodes of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" we record, but never seem to watch.

6. Those who won't clean snow off car roofs can now chill full kegs up there.

5. The bumper crop of babies coming in nine months is our best hope of keeping Social Security solvent.

4. Finally, your lawn looks just as good as the guy's next door.

3. Washington shut down for a day, which must have saved us money.

2. It's the opportunity we've been looking for to surf the Internet. All of it.

1. The snow is one thing Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano won't blame on NIFA. We hope.

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