The Point's inaugural crossword puzzle.

The Point's inaugural crossword puzzle. Credit: iStock

Test your knowledge of Washington goings-on and a lot of other areas in The Point’s first crossword puzzle. Click the arrow at the bottom right of the image below to download the crossword puzzle and print it out. When you finish the crossword send a picture of it to


1- Departed Trump staffer

7- Nicknamed departed Trump staffer

12- Departed Trump staffer

14- Deep sleep

15- Insult

16- Type of whale

17- Doe _____ (2 words)

18- Whose PCs were hacked by Russians

19- Typeface feature

23- Ribald West

26- Ballot hanger

30- Window part

31- Snapchat or Instagram

32- Charlie Chaplin's last wife

33- Teddy Roosevelt said one should do this softly

35- Mar-A-Lago has one

36- The object of Trumpian esteem

38- With 27 down, job with little security these days

40- They'll get your stuff from here to there

41- New kind of farm on Long Island

45- Red Sea city

46- Fey-as-Palin: I can do this from my house regarding Russia

47- Kathie Lee's small-screen partner

48- North in Paris

49- High-tension places (abbr.)

50- A whole lot of Bartolos

52- How the Thrilla in Manilla ended

54- Columbus' home

58- Mann, Osbourne or Semple McPherson

61- One of 538 in one national college

64- Longtime trading card company

65- Kind of chart

66- Departed Trump staffer

67- Departed Trump staffer 


1- Chemical banned in Suffolk in 2009

2- Boxer talk

3- Nassau County control board (abbr.)

4- Stereotypical protractor guy

5- Orchestra tuner

6- He recused himself, or did he?

7- Lots of pieces of writing (abbr.)

8- Alley ____

9- Newspaper commentaries

10- Iconic product of first primary state 

11- Not-yet-departed Trump staffer

13- What bridges and press secretaries are under

20- Short farewell message

21- There's more than one in the Seine

22- Trump does not ever admit to any

24- Attach

25- Pruitt would love to gut it (abbr.)

26- Chile is its leading producer

27- See 38 across

28- It could be a worker or soldier

29- Home for an emcee

34- The man with a constitutional pocket

37- Cooper Union and the Public Theater are in it 

39- First words spoken by a Robert Mueller grand jury witness

40- Employ

42- Message of electronic giddiness

43- Kerfuffle

44- The Rockies and the Andes

50- He took notes, and was fired

51- 10-time Grand Slam champion

53- Off, dispatch

55- Kind of tide

56- Start of a federal fiscal yr.

57- Adjective suffix

59- Poetic nighttime

60- North or south ending

62- Number on the president's Boeing

63- "I understand" in texting lingo