Nassau County Legis. Siela Bynoe.

Nassau County Legis. Siela Bynoe. Credit: James Escher

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Nassau legislator readies for prospect of primary with Taylor Darling

Nassau County Legis. Siela Bynoe is running for State Senate, she disclosed to The Point Tuesday in an interview.

Bynoe’s announcement, which will come officially Wednesday, adds intrigue to the race for the 6th Senate District, where Assemb. Taylor Darling already has declared her candidacy. Current State Sen. Kevin Thomas, who does not live in the newly constituted State Senate district, is running for the Democratic nomination in the 4th Congressional District.

Thomas’ decision to run for Congress came after his home was redistricted out of his State Senate district. Having served one term under the new map, Thomas would have to move if wanted to run again for State Senate.

Bynoe, 56, told The Point about her own personal challenges — including being a 20-year breast cancer survivor — and her government experience at the North Hempstead and Huntington housing authorities and on the Westbury school board. She said those experiences are key to her race, noting that she hopes to focus on issues like education, housing and health care.

“When I look at the challenges the residents of Senate District 6 face, they’re not much different than the issues my parents faced while raising myself and my sister,” Bynoe told The Point. “I know the challenges firsthand. There are some real pressing immediate needs I want to be able to go to Albany and work pragmatically to … address.”

Number One on her list, Bynoe said, is the future of Nassau University Medical Center.

“We need every level of government to step up, but the state is to me the primary player,” Bynoe said.

While focused on the district, Bynoe also noted that any state senator in the Democratic majority should be a more powerful voice in the caucus.

“This seat would be better served having had someone with steep experience in government and direct service,” Bynoe said. “I think we need to restore some balance to what’s happening in Albany as it relates to how it impacts Nassau.”

Bynoe said she’s prepared for the possibility of a primary with Darling, noting that she ran in the primary for the CD4 seat last year for several months, until court-ordered new maps carved her community out of the district.

Thomas already endorsed Darling for the seat.

“I still believe Assemblywoman Taylor Darling is the best fit for that seat,” Thomas told The Point on Tuesday.

Bynoe noted that while her experience in the Republican-controlled county legislature prepared her to work with those on the opposite side of the aisle, or even those within her party who disagree with her, the State Senate would provide a different experience on at least one front.

“It would be nice to be in the majority,” Bynoe said with a laugh.

— Randi F. Marshall

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Big numbers

  • A Newsday investigation found that more than 200 lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of students have been filed against Long Island public school districts, two dozen of which have paid out $28.8 million to settle 37 lawsuits. The fact that these numbers will come as a surprise to most Long Islanders is a huge problem — though not as big a problem as the numbers themselves.
  • Fifty oil companies pledged last weekend to end methane flaring and reach near-zero methane emissions by 2030. It was wonderful news for the fight against climate change, but it begged a huge question: Given the necessary technology has existed for years, why did the pledge wait until now?
  • The super PAC backing underperforming Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president saw three more high-ranking officials depart as organization tumult continues. That’s what happens when no one will admit that the real problem is the candidate.
  • National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says the U.S. does not have “perfect visibility” on the remaining American hostages in Gaza. That’s code-speak for we don’t know where they are.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is naive for saying that Israel will risk a “strategic defeat” if it doesn’t take more steps to protect civilians, adding that he has lost confidence in Austin. Let’s put that in perspective: Far more Americans have lost confidence in Graham.
  • Nearly two-dozen candidates from both major parties are vying to replace former Rep. George Santos. If there had been that kind of interest in the seat in 2022, perhaps we never would have had George Santos.

— Michael Dobie

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