Lorraine Macholz

Lorraine Macholz

Imagine having a dream that you have breast cancer.  Now imagine that dream coming true.  Not a trailer for the latest Lifetime movie; but rather the reality Lorraine Macholz was facing in May of 2003. "The dream coupled with a shooting pain I was having in my left breast, which at the time I ignored, signaled to me that it was time to go see my doctor."

Lorraine credits that dream with saving her life. "At first my doctor said it was more than likely just a cyst, but scheduled a baseline mammogram at Good Samaritan Hospital Breast Center to be sure. That mammogram revealed a little, pea-sized tumor which ultimately was determined to be cancer." 

Lorraine recalls the drive home after finding out she had breast cancer.  Filled with emotions of fear and anger, her thoughts quickly shifted to her children. "I was a single mom at the time.  I had two sons who counted on me and my only thought was to survive, there was NO other option."

Two surgeries later and two months after her diagnosis, by July 2003, Lorraine was cancer-free.  Now a 12-year survivor, she says her frame of mind played a significant role in her cancer journey.  "I kept positive in a negative situation.  My only desire was to keep my power and beat this."

Understanding that everyone's diagnosis and treatment are not the same, Lorraine shares her own story as a way of spreading hope.  "I don't only want to be defined as a survivor. As women we need to support each other and help when we can. After cancer I met an amazing man who I've now been married to for 10 years; know there IS life after breast cancer!"

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