"Stay positive, you need a winning attitude to fight this...

"Stay positive, you need a winning attitude to fight this disease!" - Robin Steinberger

Hearing the words "you have stage 2 breast cancer" is terrifying for anyone. Be it a lack of knowledge or just being naive, Robin Steinberger, 33, thought she was just too young. In one weekend this mother of two daughters, ages one and five at the time, went from scheduling play dates to scheduling surgery and chemo appointments. 

"Within 48 hours I knew my diagnosis and started to plan for the fight of my life!" Robin recalled. Her breast cancer diagnosis affected so much more than her own life.  Robin tried to make her older daughter as comfortable as she could about the cancer process, especially the hair loss. "I shopped for my wig prior to going into surgery.  I would let her play dress up with it, and even bought her new Disney princess wigs to play with. When my hair fell out, I kept reminding her that I was still her mommy, with or without hair."

Robin also found strength in a local support group of women under the age of 40.  "We truly understand how one another felt, realizing this disease is not just for post-menopausal women, it happened to us!"

Robin underwent a bilateral mastectomy.  Now, two years later and cancer-free she's taken on the role of Breast Cancer Survivor and vows to never stop fighting.

As part of her way of paying it forward, in 2014 she started Robin's Racers.  The team completed its first Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk raising close to $5,000 and will hold its first fundraiser on October 4th. 

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