So Brian Gordon, in his first major-league start, pitched well enough to convince the Yankees to keep him in their starting rotation. He'll start again Tuesday in Cincinnati.

His performance matched his profile: Command, confidence, curveball (a pretty good one). I don't think Gordon is going to be pitching any no-hitters, but yesterday, he certainly displayed the ability to keep the Yankees in games. 

If Bartolo Colon and/or Phil Hughes return from the disabled list, then Gordon still has his three minor-league options remaining, so the Yankees could either have Gordon start for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre or put him in the Yankees' bullpen.

It's all about inventory for the Yankees - or, as I wrote in my column, quoting Brian Cashman, incremental upgrades. 

Which brings us to Cory Wade. I saw that the Yankees signed him this past Monday, and then they recalled him to the big leagues on Thursday, and the whole time, I thought, "How do I know that name?"

After he picked up the win yesterday, I finally looked him up and said, "Oh, right!" He was really good for the 2008 Dodgers...and then broke down in 2009. But Joe Torre enjoyed while he had him, as Torre did with many relievers, if you know what I'm saying.

--Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba accused Andruw Jones and Mark Teixeira of trying to steal Texas' signs 

--The Yankees have a particularly good list for Old-Timers Day this year, including first-timers Torre and Bernie Williams and first-in-a-long-timer Lou Piniella. Yet as I was discussing this with Dom Amore of the Hartford Courant, Dom made a good point: Why not more love for the 1961 Yankees? It's the 50th anniversary, after all.

--Joe Girardi returns to Wrigley Field this weekend, and he said he'll visit his father, Jerry, who lives about two and a half hours away from Chicago and has Alzheimer's disease. Girardi has a close relationship with Northwestern football coach Pat Fitzgerald, Erik Boland writes.

--Tough loss for the Mets, who fell back under .500. Interleague play will be a good test for them. Their first week - the Angels and A's at home - doesn't appear too challenging, but they'll follow that with a road trip to Texas and Detroit and then have the Yankees (and possibly Derek Jeter going for hit 3,000) at home.

--Sandy Alderson acknowledged the "possibility" of signing Scott Kazmir. For the Mets, Yankees and 27 other teams (besides the Angels), it is what it is with Kazmir: He has been horrible for a year and change, but his more distant history could make him a low-risk flier. Although, again, I can't see any team instantly adding him to its major-league roster.

--In a decision that will perhaps get Richie G. to back off that ledge over which he's been dangling, Major League Baseball changed an official scorer's decision from last Saturday's Mets-Pirates game. Daniel Murphy now has an error, Andrew McCutchen loses his single and R.A. Dickey's ERA benefits.

Now stop trying to destroy Twitter, Richie. After all, I would never hurt anything that you loved.

--The cut fastball is becoming a popular pitch on the Mets, David Lennon writes.

--Have a great day.

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