The cast of "Full House" for the 1990-91 season.

The cast of "Full House" for the 1990-91 season. Credit: Handout

Few subjects get the Gen-X nostalgia juices flowing as efficiently as “Full House,” the ABC sitcom that aired from 1987 to 1995 and spawned a sequel, “Fuller House,” that premiered on Netflix Feb. 26.

Both shows were/are set in San Francisco, a/k/a the City by the Bay, but the Brooklyn Cyclones of Coney Island – which the team has dubbed The City by Sheepshead Bay for the occasion – on July 9 will host Full House Tribute Night at MCU Park.

This news arrived Thursday, in time for tickets to go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday on the team’s website for a $40 “Fill the House’’ package that includes a field box seat, a guaranteed John Stamos bobblehead and a replica of the on-field jersey – which features a design inspired by Uncle Jesse’s pink bunny wallpaper on the back and a fogged-over Golden Gate Bridge on the front.

Single-game tickets for the minor league baseball team go on sale in May, so even if you pass on the package Friday, you still can score a Stamos bobblehead if you are among the first 2,500 fans to arrive that night.

Planned activities include having the first 25 couples married in 1991 throw out a ceremonial first pitch in honor of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s 25th wedding anniversary; a Danny Tanner clean-off; an Uncle Jesse air guitar contest; a no-hands cereal eating competition; a Kimmy Gibbler stinky feet competition, and a “How Rude” pout-cam.

In the “Uncle Joey Race Around the Bases,” contestants will be asked to perform tasks associated with that character, including dressing like Bullwinkle, playing the role of Popeye and saving Olive Oyl, scoring a hockey goal and then racing home to wave the Canadian flag.

In tribute to Michelle Tanner – and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – actual twins will be offered 2-for-1 ticket deals at the box office.

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